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How to Prevent Submissions from Falling Through the Cracks

One of the most crucial and visible processes in the specialty P&C space is also one of the slowest to adopt modern tech: data collection and management. In other words, getting applications from agents and making sure they convert to bound policies. This means frustrated applicants, dated customer experiences, and a ton of lost opportunities…

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Evaluating Insurance Software Options
The Crazy Cost of Bad Development in Insurance

Just because insurance companies can build custom IT solutions doesn’t mean they should. Despite being immensely resourceful, insurance companies are built to constantly compete in their ability to offer quality coverage at affordable costs, a race of logistics and financials, not software development and IT maintenance. Here are some key points to seriously consider before…

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The Insurer’s Race: How to Stay Competitive with Intelligent Data Collection

Industries are grappling with innovation and how to introduce new technologies into old systems, and insurance is facing one of the most difficult challenges. As disruptors emerge, legacy behemoth companies with endless layers of management are struggling to keep pace in a race to integrate new tech. This race, however, has led to hasty adoption…

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