Key Customer Touch Points in the Insurance Industry

A “customer touch point” refers to an interaction between a business and a customer. In insurance, this interaction can happen at any stage along the policy placement journey – both in-person and through digital means. 

From the initial website visit to risk submission, coverage placement and beyond, customer touch points in the insurance industry play a pivotal role in shaping the overall policy-binding experience. These touch points are an opportunity to help brokers, carriers, agents and others to form strong, long-lasting relationships. 

In an era where digital interactions are becoming the norm, understanding and optimizing these touch points is crucial to maintain a personal connection. 

Some examples of customer touch points in the insurance industry include:

Risk Submission

Wholesale brokers act as conduits for information exchange. Agents submit comprehensive details about their clients, allowing brokers to understand the unique risks involved. This initial customer touch point between agent and broker sets the stage for a tailored and well-informed approach to coverage.

Underwriting & Quoting

The underwriting and quoting process is a critical phase where brokers collaborate with underwriters to assess risks and obtain quotes from diverse carriers. Clear communication with retail agents ensures the quoting process is transparent – enlightening them about coverage options and pricing intricacies.

Market Access

Brokers provide agents with access to a diverse array of insurance markets and carriers. This touch point involves offering insights into market trends, carrier appetites, and industry-specific coverages. The goal is to empower retail agents to make informed decisions on behalf of their clients.

Policy Issuance

The issuance of policies involves meticulous coordination between carriers and agents. Wholesale brokers play an important role in guaranteeing that policies accurately reflect the agreed-upon terms and conditions. Timely issuance is key to meeting client expectations.

Risk Management Consultation

Beyond coverage, wholesale brokers and MGAs provide valuable risk management consultation to retail agents. This touch point involves sharing expertise to help retail agents better understand and address the specific risks faced by their clients – fostering a proactive risk management approach. 

Automated insurance software programs can significantly enhance the risk management consultation process between wholesale brokers and retail agents, by providing: 

  • Data analysis & insight
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Regulatory compliance checks 
  • Automated reports & documentation 
  • Collaboration & communication features

Technology Platforms

Modern wholesale brokers and MGAs often provide online tools and automated resources that enable retail agents to submit risks, track submissions, and manage their accounts seamlessly. These programs not only optimize existing processes  – they strengthen customer touch points by ensuring timely, accurate, and value-added interactions between brokers, carriers, and agents. 

By focusing on customer touch points, stakeholders in the insurance industry can create a more efficient, transparent, and collaborative environment. It is extremely important to use these opportunities to your advantage by getting every touch point right, each and every time. Automation can help – ask us how!

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