Getting Employees On Board With Modern Insuretech​

As legacy insurance software systems struggle to keep up with new technology standards, it’s becoming increasingly important for insurers to consider more modern solutions. But implementing new tech can be tough. Getting employees onboard and up to speed is a huge managerial challenge. This is especially true when those systems are complicated and difficult to implement.

Fortunately things are different now. Through flexible configuration and a modern user experience Surefyre allows insurers to easily onboard teams of underwriters, admin, and agents with way less friction.

Start with What Works

Unique business processes are often a key differentiator in the insurance space. Employees spend a lot of effort learning and improving them over time. Deviating too far from these processes for the sake of new software is counter-productive and makes onboarding more difficult. But you need a balance between what’s worked in the past and innovating for the future. Good enterprise systems allow you to do both. Maintain tried and true business practices but ensure you can optimize and scale with ease.

With this in mind, flexible and configurable software can be your best weapon in an everlasting effort to evolve and grow your organization. Flexibility ensures the system can match the workflow your team is familiar and succeeding with. This reduces the learning curve and increases adoption. From there, process improvements, automation of manual tasks, and integrations can become an ongoing part of your growing organization. These selling points will not only get internal teams more excited, it will reduce the time and effort required to become productive on the new system.

The Modern User Experience

Today’s consumers are constantly exposed to modern user experiences in the form of apps, websites, and social media. Employees are no different. Enterprise systems that take cues from these consumer-style experiences are naturally easier to learn. They also simply feel fresh and relevant which can impact the perception of your organization internally and externally. When a system is easy to learn and looks great, onboarding is a breeze.


Surefyre has built a highly configurable platform that can match existing business processes and easy ongoing optimization of virtually any MGA, insurance company, or wholesaler. We also designed the platform with modern sensibilities in mind. These are just some of the ways we are making the employee onboarding process easier than ever. Learn more at